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Are Flex Circuit Boards as Reliable as Rigid Circuit Boards?

Flex circuit boards offer numerous advantages over rigid circuit boards. The ability to place circuits on a thin dielectric film means that flex circuit boards can fit in smaller spaces, allowing for electronics to be smaller and lighter and to ...
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Wearable Technology’s Latest Target Customers… Seniors?

Every year CES is a destination for anyone interested in getting a sneak peek at the leading edge of wearable technology and the flex PCBs that power them. This year, two powerhouse firms have teamed up to showcase a unique ...
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What Materials Are at the Forefront of Wearable Technology?

If you were to go to your doctor’s office today for a routine physical, the first five minutes would involve getting your blood pressure taken, taking your pulse, and getting your temperature. In the future, wearable technology may allow you ...
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Why Is Conformal Coating Important for Flex Printed Circuit Boards?

Printed circuit boards are delicate, and interference by things like dust, humidity, or moisture could damage circuit boards and dramatically lower the efficiency of the electronic device. Since consumers expect their electronic devices to work in dusty, humid, hot, and ...
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Why Choose Multilayer Flexible Circuits

If your product requires a flexible printed circuit board, you have a variety flex circuit board choices. The most popular types of circuit boards are single sided flex circuits, double access flexible circuits (also called reverse bared flexible circuits), double ...
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Help With the Design of A Flexible Circuit

It is essential to consult a flexible circuit expert early on in the design process. Flexible circuit manufacturers are not just production lines. They are manufacturing consultants and experts in the field of flexible circuitry. Prior to establishing your flex ...
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Showers of the Future with Flexible Circuits

Over the last few decades, the world has seen an incredible development in technology. These technological advances have given us smarter cell phones, self-parking cars, and more comfortable shower options. Unveiled at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January ...
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