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Wearable Technology’s Latest Target Customers… Seniors?

Every year CES is a destination for anyone interested in getting a sneak peek at the leading edge of wearable technology and the flex PCBs that power them. This year, two powerhouse firms have teamed up to showcase a unique new wearable technology aimed squarely at… your grandma!

At CES 2018, Chinese phone maker ZTE has teamed up with chip giant Qualcomm and Wearsafe to introduce a new wearable tracker.  Not a lot of details are known about the tracker yet, but one can imagine a multitude of applications. Such a tracker could be used by seniors who fall or have accidents at home and cannot reach their phones. As rates of dementia continue to climb, a safety tracker could help rescue workers find adults who have wandered from home, potentially saving lives.

It looks like we don’t have a release date or even a name for the product yet, but it is a promising development for any senior who wants to stay independent for as long as possible. A wearable safety tracker is just one more innovation made possible by printed circuit boards.

Read more about wearable safety trackers at CEST 2018.

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